Best Top Entry Litter Boxes for Cats

Best Top Entry Litter Boxes for Cats

Different cats have different character traits, some with the ability to do more damage than others. This behavior can sometimes become frustrating, which is why most homeowners rely on above-ground litter trays to solve their problems. It is particularly annoying to have a kitchen floor or carpets strewn with dirt everywhere. For the cat owner, this will only get better if you realize that top entry designs can solve this problem completely and at an affordable price. Read our complete surveyed report for Best Top Entry Litter Boxes for Cats


Our Top Pick

Iris Top Entry Litter Box

Over the years, in our relentless search for the ultimate top entry litter box, we have discovered several models, some larger, others smaller or larger than others. Taking all aspects into account, we have put the Iris Top Entry Litter Box at the top of the list as the most practical box currently available on the market because of its attractive design, its large size and its affordable price.

The 5 Top-Rated Top Entry Litter Boxes for Cats

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Top Entry Cat Litter Box IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box With Cat Litter Scoop 4.9
Best Self-Cleaning Top Entry Litter Box Modkat XL Litter Box, Top-Entry or Front-Entry Configurable 4.7
Best Affordable Top Entry Litter Boxes Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Cat Litter Box Brushed Nickel/Pearl White 4.6
Best Enclosed Top Entry Litter Box AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box 4.4
Best Top Entry Litter Box for Multiple Cats Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Pan 4.1

Factors To Be Taken Into Account When Purchasing Cat Litter Box

Litter Box should be one of your first kitten supplies when you bring your furry friend home, although some people don’t care much. If you look at the boxes, you might think they’re all the same. This is not the case. Each litter tray is specially designed to meet the needs of the different types of cats. Cats search a Litter box for specific characteristics, such as shape, size, depth and other properties. And rightly so! Think of the bathroom in your home. How would you like it if your bathroom were small and cramped? What if you have to navigate through a maze every day to get into the bathroom?

These scenarios don’t look interesting, do they? This is exactly how a cat feels when you buy small litter trays or boxes with sides and compartments that make it difficult to navigate. In addition, some cats are afraid of the “random flush” mechanism of cat litter trays, making it an important factor to consider before buying one.

Please note that if the cat is disturbed or afraid of the litter box because of its complexity, he or she is more likely to go to a practical and less terrifying place like your laundry room. He may also decide to go outdoors, which is better than buying the litter tray and exposing the cat to external dangers. To avoid all this and get the right box for your cat, these tips will help you to identify the important aspects to consider.

Number of Litter Boxes That you Need

Regardless of the number of cats in your household, you should always use the “n+1” rule when purchasing litter boxes. This means that the “one and done” purchase style does not apply when it comes to cat litter boxes. Just like you have good reasons for having many options, cats are similarly attracted to different styles of litter boxes.

When it comes to peeing and pooing in cats, the general rule is that you purchase an extra litter box. For example, If you have 3 cats, you should buy 4 litter boxes and so on. Complications related to “toileting problems” in cats can be reduced by having several litter boxes in the house.

Cat Litter Box Size

The size of the litter box is perhaps the most important factor to consider before making a purchase decision. Unlike tight spaces, a litter tray with enough space for the cat to fit comfortably is big enough. The box should leave room for the cat to dig without going out. In principle, there should be enough room for the cat to be able to dig and move without encountering “deposits” from previous visits.

The correct size of a box will depend on the size of your cat. As a general rule, the correct length of the box should be at least the length of your cat, from nose to tail, when it is stretched. On the other hand, the width of the box should be at least equal to the length of the cat from nose to tail when it is not elongated.

Taking Into Account The Height

Before buying a litter tray, it is important to take into account your cat’s personality and “condition”. The identification of these factors will determine the height of the box.

Better litter height for most cats: For cats who do not systematically throw waste out of their litter tray or who are not “sprinklers”, the best litter should be large and between 5 and 7 inches high.

Better bedding for “Sprayers”: If your cat is a “kicker”, a “sprinkler”, or if he is naughty with a bad purpose in the “clown”, you will need a box high enough to limit the damage caused by these unwanted habits. Because you pay a lot of attention to the height of these boxes, you should also keep in mind that the cat should get in and out without causing pain.

That said, the best box for “sprinklers” is the one with three long sides to prevent faeces, puddles or waste from touching the walls. For this purpose, boxes with a height of 8-12″ are preferred, although there is also a lower entry level of 5-6″ for cats that have difficulty accessing the box.

Better crates for mobility problems: If your cat has a medical problem, such as arthritis or any other movement problem, you should buy a litter box with at least one very low side. For most of these cats, the standard height of the inlet/outlet side should be around 2 to 4 to ensure a high balance while keeping the litter in the box

Covered Versus Uncovered Litter Boxes: How to Choose The Best

Choosing between covered and uncovered litter boxes poses to be a difficult undertaking as there is no definitive answer to which type is better. Since there is no telling which “camp” your cat prefers, you should feel free to go either way. However, if your cat starts showing some preferential signs, you should be ready to adapt in one way or the other.

If you choose the covered boxes, make sure that the entry/exit point is not small to cause any difficulties when the cat is getting in or going out. Be flexible to accommodate an uncovered box in case your cat develops asthma or arthritis.


Best Overall Top Entry Cat Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box With Cat Litter Scoop

At A Glance

Weight: 4.85 pounds
Dimensions: 20.8 x 16.1 x 14.6”


The Iris Top Entry Litter Box is one of the best litter boxes in this list because of its fantastic balance between design and meaning. This litter tray is made of BPA-free plastic in the United States with features that make it easy to clean.

The large entrance (10.5″ x 9″) allows small and large cats to easily go in and out of the box. Nest tracking is reduced by the grooved lid that holds the nest to your cat’s paws. In addition, a litter shovel is hung on the side of the box for added convenience.

The inside of the box offers plenty of space with the largest surface area of 20.0″ x 16.0″ and 14.0″ high. The narrowest area measures 17.5″ W x 13.5″ W to give the cat plenty of room to manoeuvre and find the best comfortable position.

Our Opinion:

I am a big fan of the Iris Entry Litter box not only because of the refined design but also of the grooves on top that adds a security feature and protects it from tracking. The wide range of colors makes the litter suitable for all color schemes.


  • Looks great
  • Grooved anti-tracking lid
  • Accommodates large cats
  • Affordable
  • Grooves sometimes collect feces
  • Not dog proof

Best Self-Cleaning Top Entry Litter Box

Modkat XL Litter Box, Top-Entry or Front-Entry Configurable

At A Glance

Weight: 9.48 pounds
Dimensions: 17.3 x 21.3 x 16.5 inches.

The Modkat XL Cat litter box is without a doubt the most beautiful litter box we have found in our list, although you do make some sacrifices to achieve this beautiful look.

The beautiful mirror is what attracts the attention in this litter box made by Modkat in ABS plastic without BPA.

You have the impression that the manufacturers of Modkat have paid a lot of attention to the design of the litter box. This is evidenced by the fact that the box was included in the Animal Planet and New York Times program “My Cat from Hell”.

The lid has a unique mat that cleans the cat’s paws when it comes in and out of the box. For all the litter that sticks to the lid, Modkat has built in a twist mechanism whereby the lid opens and any hung litter falls back into the litter box.

With dimensions 16″ W x 16″ W x 16″ W x 16″ W x 16″ W x 15″ H, the litter box is not the largest but offers a suitable option for a house with only one cat. If you choose this box as the preferred type, the package comes with an easy to open hinged lid, a seamless full height base to prevent leaks, a reusable liner and a large floating litter shovel. Basically, the litter box comes with everything you need, except the litter itself..

Our Opinion:

I would recommend this litter box because of its liner. The liner not only prevents potential leaks but also makes the cleaning of the box easy. The heavy-duty liner provided by Modkat fits perfectly into the litter box using side handles and can be re-used after every 3 months.


  • Great appearance
  • It has a swivel lid design
  • It comes in a pack of associated accessories
  • Expensive


Best Affordable Top Entry Litter Boxes

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Cat Litter Box Brushed Nickel/Pearl White

At A Glance

Weight: 3.4 Pounds
Dimensions: 20.3 x 15.1 x 15.2 inches

For anyone looking for the best budget litter box, the Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Cat Litter Box might just be your right choice. No wonder the box is one of the popular boxes around. Made using 95 percent recyclable materials in the United States, this plastic litter box is most convenient when you want to keep pooch out of the litter box. The selling feature of this box is tied to the fact that it doesn’t allow the passage of dogs into the box. The attached lid features a grating design to catch any litter on the cat’s claws and subsequently reduce the effort required for cleaning.

The company has molded a hook where you can hang the scoop after you have finished using it. The best part is that with dimensions of 20” x15” x15”, the Petmate Pan has a convenient design suitable for both kittens and large cats.

Our Opinion:

The price is by far the most appealing thing for me about this litter box. Aside from the overall look (isn’t amazing by any means), the simple design should last for a very long time. In any case, the “unattractive” look cancels the price.


  • Affordable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Has an attached lid
  • The overall look isn’t attractive


Best Enclosed Top Entry Litter Box

AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

At A Glance

Weight: 2.7 Pounds
Dimensions: 20.7 x 15.8 x 15 inches

Just like the previous litter boxes mentioned in the list, the hooded litter box is made of lightweight plastic material. However, unlike the other boxes, this particular one is a bit wildcard although it is worth looking into.

To begin with, it features an attached lid that can be flipped open during washing. The top side of the lid is textured to maintain litter tracking at a minimum. The dimensions of the box, 20.1 x15.4 x15 inches, make the box so large that dogs can also gain access into the litter and make a mess. If you intend to buy this litter box, make sure containing litter is your primary goal.

Our Opinion:

Amazon recommends the use of a litter liner for efficiency, but I think it is not a must as long as you have enough litter in the box. That said, I like the convenience that comes with the hooded litter box especially when it comes to cleaning. All you need to do is take off the snap on the lid and use it to scoop the litter from the box. If you are looking to replace the litter, you only need to open the lid and pour out everything for convenience.


  • Textured lid
  • Cheap
  • Cannot stop dogs from gaining access


Best Top Entry Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Pan

At A Glance

Weight: 3.45 Pounds
Dimensions:20 x 15 x 15 inches

Scooping litter from a litter box may sometimes prove a tedious task. You are forced to bend down awkwardly every time with a flimsy plastic scoop while holding onto the fear that the clump may fall and scatter mess across the entire floor. To avoid all these hassles, you may start considering the Arm and Hammer Top Entry Litter Box. This particular litter has two pans, one with a sifter bottom and the other with a solid bottom. During cleaning, the box simply lifts the sifter and allows the mess out.

In addition to cleaning, the Arm & Hammer cat litter box is preferred due to its odor-absorbing abilities. This is enhanced by the antimicrobial lining which comes with the box and is responsible for destroying the bacteria that cause bad odor.


Our Opinion:

As for the pan, it is made with durable material barked with a strong design that reinforces the box for easy lifting even when the box is filled with litter. What’s more, the box comes with a third pan.


  • The antibacterial layer kills bacteria
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Scooping is easy
  • Comes with an extra pan
  • Sides are not high enough for messy cats
  • It is not compatible with standard hooks

FAQ Section

Are liners required for cat litter boxes?

The straightforward answer to this question is no. Using a liner is entirely dependent on your preference and whether the box is leaking or not. Some companies provide free reusable liners which you may also choose to use or not.

What maintenance is required for litter boxes?

Maintenance practices for litter boxes require less effort. The cat litter boxes prevent cats from kicking any litter in the sides and also reduces tracking. Aside from the usual procedures of scooping and getting rid of the litter when needed, litter boxes require minimal cleaning and maintenance services.

Are litter boxes fragile?

Most cat litter boxes are durable because they are made from quality plastic. There are a few designs with weak points such as cracked lids. Be careful when dealing with removing the lid to avoid cracks.

What cat litter should I use?

There is no specific type of cat litter that works better than the other. However, it is important to consider the kind of odor the litter produces. With the entry hole being the only means of ventilation for the boxes, it would be advisable to choose an option that eliminates the odor. Some pet owners prefer picking a litter type that clumps together to make cleaning an easy process. Always choose a cat litter that is dust-free as you don’t wish your cat to dig and sit in a box full of dust day in day out.

Can two cats fit in a top entry litter box?

Most top entry litter boxes fail in the ability to contain more than one cat. However, there are some larger litter boxes out there that can accommodate two cats although even these will suffer from the high maintenance and cleaning costs.

Are litter boxes good for large cats?

Absolutely. There are a variety of litter boxes in the market today that can accommodate even the largest of cats. Double-check the dimensions of a litter box to get the right box for your cat.

How do to top entry cat litter boxes work?

Litter boxes work in such a way that they enclose the litter so that it cannot be kicked out of the box.

Do cats like top entry litter boxes?

First, a kitty may be suspicious when using the litter box. However, after the suspicion is over, many cats will prefer top entry litter boxes. Cats are solitary animals and can be fussy with anything that causes them to change their routine. In an outdoor setting, before the cat visits the toilet, it first does some rounds to ensure the coast is clear and they are safe. An enclosed litter guarantees the cat of protection from all sides except you. That being the case, cats will feel relaxed whenever going about their business in the box.

Benefits of Using Top Entry cat Litter Box

Benefits of Using Top Entry cat Litter Box

At first glance, the concept of a litter box seems interesting. However, by getting used to its use, you will appreciate its role for a variety of reasons. We’ll explain some incredibly useful applications below:

  1. Prevent dogs from accessing it: From time to time you’ll probably find your puppy’s way through a litter box to get a bite out of the litter box. To prevent your dog from taking cat faeces that could be harmful to health, a litter box from above keeps the cat inside and other animals, including dogs, outside.
  2. Security and confidentiality: Like humans, cats get privacy when they walk around with their faeces company. That said, the top entrance to the litter box is convenient for cats as it provides the ultimate level of privacy that leaves them relaxed and safe.
  3. Absorbs odors: Because the upper cat litter boxes have a lid on the top, there are odors and bad smells in the box. The best way to prevent smells from getting into your home is to pick up the debris in the box every day. Please note that if your litter stinks too much, even your cat won’t be able to use it.
  4. Prevents litter from coming off the litter box: After using the litter box, some cats will start kicking, spraying or digging the litter box. A top entry litter box contains all the rubbish in the box and ensures that you don’t have to clean the outside of the box every time.
  5. Hides an unsightly mess: in the truest sense of the word, no one likes to look at a litter box. The upper entrance to the litter box is designed to hide this ugly mess.
  6. Fancy design: Most top entry litter boxes have attractive designs that are more beautiful to look at than traditional rectangular boxes

Why Won’t My Cat Use a Top Entry Litter Box_

Why Won’t My Cat Use a Top Entry Litter Box?

While many cats will get accustomed to using a top entry litter box, this is not always the case for all cats. If this is the case with your kitty, there are somethings that you can do to encourage your cat to use the box. To begin with, the litter you use for your cat should be consistent. If you were previously using a certain type of litter, make sure you maintain the same litter in the top entry litter box. Cats can easily get fussy when it comes to transition.

Onward, if you are buying the box for the first time, be sure to pick a dust-free type of litter so it feels soft and tender in your cat’s paws. If you notice harshness in your cat’s paws, it’s probably because the litter isn’t right.

Removing the lid after you have purchased the litter box can help in training the cat and accustoming it to the high sides. Also, if a cat is transitioning from an older litter box, it’s best if you leave the box in space. This way, the cat will become familiar and comfortable with the new litter box to the extent it can get in and out whenever they want.

Placing the new litter box next to the old one is always a good idea towards accustoming the cat to the new environment. This can go a long way into encouraging the cat into the new top entry litter box. If everything fails, and the cat fails to adapt, you may try transferring litter from the old litter box to the new litter box. Eventually, even the fussiest cat will warm in the new litter box.

When your cats are transiting to their normal daily routine, they need to first climb over the litter box and onto the grate. This process allows the cats to dust off and remove any litter stuck on their paws. A cat litter that does not produce dust offers an even better alternative. After the cat gets out of the box, you will be happy to know that it is comfortably going round enjoying their strolls while leaving a nice floor for you.

How To Transition To Your New Top Entry Litter Box

Cats are organized creatures that stick to a particular routine. That said, you will notice that your cat turns anxious after they have been introduced to a new type of litter.

Keep in mind that performing a complete transition requires time and most importantly, patience. Make sure that the box is filled with the regular amount of litter to create a familiar scent in the new box. If you are switching from a traditional litter to a top entry design, make sure to leave the lid open for the first few days to aid the transition. Once the kitty becomes accustomed to the new box, you can eventually add the lid.


Coming up with the winner was quite a daunting task at first but after this comprehensive review, choosing the ultimate litter box was straight forward. When you consider aspects such as price, size, and style, my choice is Iris top entry litter box. This particular box meets all my specifications for a good litter as highlighted. If I were to choose a runner up, the Petmate top entry litter pan would make a great choice if styling is not a big concern for you.


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