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Buying guide: what to consider when buying dog costumes

If you share your life with one or more dogs, I’m sure they are much more than pets to you: they are a member of the family, they are your most faithful companions, and you love to spend time together and share as many activities as possible. That’s why, when dates such as Halloween or Carnival are approaching, more and more people decide to make their hairy friend a part of the celebrations by dressing him up.

Nowadays, we can find all kinds of dog costumes in the market, ranging from quite simple things, consisting of a simple coat or a sweatshirt with hoods and prints of different characters, to quite more elaborate things, including wigs and various accessories.

The truth is that the subject of Halloween and Carnival costumes for dogs is somewhat controversial, as there are those who think that dressing up a dog is something unnatural, that it is uncomfortable for him and only serves for humans to have a little fun at his expense, going so far as to label it as animal abuse.

On the other hand, there are those who think that it’s not a big deal, and that after all we already put our dogs in coats and raincoats, and disguising them is an innocent diversion that, after all, does not harm the dog.

Throughout this shopping guide we will talk about the convenience or not of disguising our dogs, and we will see a series of tips so that, if you tell them to disguise yours, you can choose the most suitable costume for them, and get them to enjoy the party in your company without any problems.

Is it convenient to disguise the dogs?

If you like to dress up on Halloween or Carnival, you may well want to dress up your dog too and go out and have fun in his company, but… will your dog feel the same way?

Obviously, our furry friends don’t understand anything about costumes, or the various parties and celebrations that we humans throw for ourselves, and they probably have a different concept of what is fun than we do; however, they love to spend time in our company, so they may resignedly accept that we put on a costume if they see that we are happy and pay attention to them.

That said, every dog is a world unto itself: while some dogs will let themselves be manipulated with complete peace of mind, and seem not to mind you putting on the most ostentatious costume, others will not even allow you to put on a simple T-shirt, and will bite it off trying to get rid of it as soon as they can.

If your dog is used to having coats, raincoats, etc., you should have no trouble convincing him to wear a disguise, but if he doesn’t normally wear clothes, it will be more difficult. The main thing is that you know your dog well and, if you put a disguise on him, observe him carefully for any signs of stress. Let’s see how to do it.

How to detect if your dog is feeling stressed when putting on a costume

Dogs communicate with us all the time… the bad thing is that we don’t “listen” to them, and many times we are not able to understand what they are trying to tell us. In that they are much more observant than we are, and they take much more trouble trying to understand us than we do them.

Let’s look at some of the signs that will indicate that your dog doesn’t like wearing his new costume at all:

  • Yawning: if your dog yawns when you put him in the costume, especially if he does it several times in a row, he’s telling you that he’s extremely uncomfortable with the situation. In addition to yawning, you may notice other signs, such as your ears falling back and your head turning sideways.
  • Tail between the legs: this is a sure sign that your dog is feeling stressed out, and is not enjoying the situation at all.
  • Relate: dogs use this gesture, among other things, to indicate that they are uncomfortable with a situation.
  • Panting: if your dog is panting and hasn’t been exercising, then he’s feeling stressed.
  • He’s paralyzed: if when you put his new costume on your dog, he stands still like a statue, and you can’t get him to move, it’s obvious that he’s terribly uncomfortable.
  • Start chewing on the costume: this one is pretty obvious; if your dog starts chewing on his new costume, or rubbing up against a wall or the floor, he’s clearly not happy about wearing it, and tries to take it off.
  • Start whining – another rather unmistakable sign that your dog is not at all happy with the situation.

The bottom line: if your dog shows any of the signs described above when you put a disguise on him, the best thing you can do is to take it off immediately, as it’s obvious that he’s having a hard time and, as much as I’d like you to disguise him, I’m sure your priority is his welfare.

Not every dog will admit to having a costume, but, after all, I’m sure there are plenty of activities you can do together to have fun.

If, however, you don’t notice any of the above signs, congratulations: your dog doesn’t seem to mind too much if you put on a costume and is therefore willing to go out with it in a calm manner.

Another thing is what will allow you to wear it: it is not the same to wear a kind of coat or sweater, as to wear other accessories such as wigs, hats, or even false arms. Every dog will have its own level of tolerance, and it is imperative that you respect this.

Of course, once you’re out together in your costumes, pay attention and if at any time you notice signs of discomfort in your hair, be responsible and considerate, and take it off: don’t give him a hard time unnecessarily.

How to choose the right costume for your dog

If you have decided to buy original dog costumes, there are certain aspects you should take into account, so that your dog is as comfortable and safe as possible when wearing them. Let’s see them.

  • Choose a costume that is made of a suitable material. If it’s not cold where you live and you buy your dog a suit made of fleece or plush, the poor thing will be very hot. If, on the other hand, you live in an area where the temperatures are very low, and your dog has short hair, he may even thank you for a warm costume.
  • Make sure the costume is the right size, because if it fits too tightly, your dog will be uncomfortable, and won’t be able to move freely. On the other hand, a suit that fits too loosely is not suitable either, as your hairy man could get tangled up in it. It is therefore essential that you pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, and measure your dog well.
  • Be careful if you choose a costume that features accessories such as beads, plastic additions, pompoms, etc., as there is a high possibility that your dog will become curious about those strange things you’ve put on and will bite them, with the consequent danger of being swallowed.
  • Many costumes include hoods, hats, caps or even wigs, something that not all dogs are willing to endure. If yours allows you to put things on his head, make sure his face is not covered, and that his eyes, nose and mouth are not covered.

Have fun with your dog!

This is the main thing, that the two of you have fun practicing activities together. It must be acknowledged, however, that parties such as Halloween or Carnival are intended for humans. If you want to participate with your dog in a pet parade, or take him to a busy place, make sure he won’t feel too crowded.

Of course, how uncomfortable your dog is will depend on his character, and how used to being in crowded places he is.

If your dog is used to walking in an urban environment, with lots of people and a lot of movement, if you normally take him with you to street markets, crowded terraces, etc., you can probably take him to a costume parade without putting too much stress on him; but if, on the other hand, you normally walk in quiet, low-traffic areas, an event of this kind could overcome him.

As always, pay attention to the signs of stress that your dog may be giving off, and if you see that being in the middle of the party is weighing him down, get out of there immediately and take him to a quieter area: you may not be participating in that parade that you were looking forward to, but you can still have a lot of fun together, watching people’s reactions to seeing you in your costumes.

And so much for our review of some of the best dog costumes we can find on the market today. I hope that I have helped you to solve your possible doubts about the convenience or not of disguising your dog and, if you decide to do it, to choose the most suitable disguise for him .

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