How to prevent your cat from falling out of a window, balcony or terrace: advice and better protection nets


We all know that cats are very agile animals with impressive reflexes. They are undoubtedly great tightrope walkers, which makes many people think there is no danger of them falling out of the window, even if they go out on the windowsill to sunbathe. Unfortunately, those who think that way are very much mistaken, because the truth is that every year many cats fall from a window or balcony, with more or less serious consequences – from minor injuries to, in the worst case, death.

For this reason, when you decide to adopt a cat, it is essential that you adapt your home to it, that you “kitten” it, making it as safe as possible, to prevent possible falls or escapes. In this article we will review the different options we have to protect our little cats from accidents, from cat nets to metal safety grids, and other prevention methods.

How to protect windows to prevent your cat from falling

Cats love to look at the view through the windows of our houses, so it is very common to find them sitting on the windowsill, taking good note of all the little birds that fly by and anything that happens outside.

If they also find the window open, they will be delighted, as they will also be able to feel the sun and the air and smell the atmosphere. Why not give them that pleasure? Here are some ways you can protect the windows of your home to prevent your cat from falling out.

Option 1: Installing a Cat Protection Net

Flex-type cat nets are a very practical option to allow your cat to be in the window, basking in the sun and watching everything that’s going on around her, without the risk of her falling. Besides, they do not take away any light, and will allow you to see the outside perfectly, both you and your little cat, who will certainly be delighted to enjoy the air.

There are companies that specialize in installing these types of nets on windows and balconies, but if you are good at DIY you can do it yourself, saving you a lot of money. You must take into account that, unless you install some fixing clips which I will tell you about a little further down, you will have to make holes with a drill in the external window frames, as well as in the sill, to be able to install the net, and that once it is installed it will be fixed.

You’ll need to be very careful when you install it and adjust it well, so that your pussy doesn’t have any gaps to go through. You can see how to install a cat protection net in the window in the following video.

A housewife showed us how to install a safety net.

If using a drill isn’t your thing, you also have the option of attaching a cat net to the window using attachment clips that stick with a strong adhesive, and then you can attach the cat net to the window safely. This is a quick installation method and also allows you to easily remove the network when you no longer need it.

Transparent cat protection net to be installed in the window : Focuspet

If you decide to install a cat protection net on your window, this one from Focuspet may be a good option, as it’s tough, but it’s also very discreet, so it’s very likely that from the street it won’t even be noticed, but you will notice it, as you can leave the window open with the peace of mind that your cat is safe.

It is made of high quality nylon; it is resistant to tearing, UV rays and the weather; and it is made of a mesh with openings of 3 x 3 cm, a size that will prevent your pussy from falling, but at the same time will give you and him great visibility.

Installing the network is quite simple, especially if you’re a bit of a handyman. The package includes all the material needed to do this: along with the net itself, you will find a 25 m rope, 20 plugs, 20 screws with a hook, and 20 pins, as well as an instruction manual.

The Focuspet’s transparent cat safety net measures, in total, 8 x 3 m. If you want to see it more in depth, or decide to buy it, you can do it through the following link.

Fixing clips for easy installation of a cat flap net in the window : FastNet

If you like the idea of putting a cat net on your window but find it difficult to install it by drilling and installing plugs and hooks, I propose a simpler solution: this pack includes 50 fixing clips to install nets, made of anti-UV polycarbonate, and a special 80 ml bottle of sealant.

The installation is very easy: you only have to glue a clip every 25 cm approximately, let it dry well during one day, and the following day you will be able to hook the net.

You have the possibility to buy the fixing clips only together with the sticker (so you can use them with the net you want), or also to buy a pack that in addition to the clips and the sticker includes a net of 5 x 5 meters. In the following link, you can see the simplest option (the one that only includes clips and adhesive):

And, by clicking on the following link, you will be able to see in more detail (and, if you wish, buy it) the kit that includes both the clips and the sticker as well as the 5 x 5 meter net.

Option 2: Install screens to protect the windows and prevent the cat from falling

Mosquito nets are a good option to open windows quietly, without fear of your cat having an accident. You will also kill two birds with one stone, as they say, because in addition to preventing your pussy from falling out of the window, you will also prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering.

We can find different types of mosquito nets on the market, but not all of them will be suitable for protecting our little cats: discard the ones that are attached to the windows using adhesives or Velcro, because, although they are very easy to put up and do not need any kind of installation, they are not safe enough, since with little that your cat pushes them, he can take them off.

Mosquito nets are often less transparent than nets and therefore more visible from the street. On the other hand, they are usually installed with a frame that is placed on the window rail so, in these cases, our cat will not have the opportunity to take advantage of the window sill. Nor will you see the outside as clearly as with a net; however, it will help you to open the windows and air the house with the peace of mind of knowing that your little cat friend is safe.

Mosquito netting to keep the cat from jumping out the window : TecTake

If you want a window screen that not only helps keep the house free of flies, mosquitoes and other insects, but is also safe for your cat, this TecTake screen may be just what you’re looking for.

It is a fiberglass screen, resistant to weathering and UV rays. It has an aluminium frame 1 cm thick, and has plastic corners. It is very easy to assemble, and the good thing is that you will not need to drill or screw anything to the window, since once you have assembled the mosquito net itself, you will only have to place it to the window by means of some hooks, and it will be fixed. It is suitable for frames between 5 and 23 mm thick and fits between the window and the blind.

You can acquire the mosquito net in two colors: white and brown, and in several measures, and it will adapt to the size of your window perfectly, since it is possible to cut it, as much to the width as to the height, so that it is perfectly fit. Here are the different sizes you can choose from:

  • 80 x 100 cm
  • 100 x 120 cm
  • 120 x 140 cm
  • 130 x 150 cm

The TecTake window screen can be used on any type of window and is very easy to put on and take off. You can see all the models and sizes, or buy it, by clicking on the following link.

Special screen for sliding windows : Intermas

If you have sliding windows in your home, installing a net or a screen to keep your cat from falling out can be a bit tricky, as you’d have to remove the leaves from the window to do so. For these cases, the ideal is to opt for a sliding mosquito net like this one from Intermas.

This is a screen with a practical flat design that is fully integrated with the exact size of the hole that is free when you slide one of the windows. Once you have mounted it, the installation of this practical mosquito net is very simple, and you will not need to drill or screw anything at all; you will only have to fit it in the upper guide of the window, do the same with the lower one, and that’s it: you will be able to open the window without fearing that your cat will be in any danger.

The mosquito net is available in several different sizes, so you will find one suitable for your windows (the manufacturer claims that it fits 95% of sliding windows on the market). However, even if none of the measurements fit exactly into the hole you have, you can easily adapt it to your size by cutting off the excess with a saw.

To choose the correct size, in the case of width take the measurement of one of the sashes of the window horizontally, including the frames; and for height take the inner measurement of the window opening. Please note that you will need a minimum of 3mm space on the rail to fit the screen.

The special Intermas sliding window screen is white. To see all available sizes -or, if you wish, to buy it- click on the following link.

Stretchable mosquito net to prevent the cat from falling out of the window : MAURER

If you like the idea of installing a mosquito net to protect your cat when you open the window, but you are not a handyman and find it difficult to install, you can also use a MAURER window screen like this one, because you don’t have to do anything to install it: just fit it to the window and that’s it. Note, however, that for the screen to be effective, your window must have a roller blind.

This practical mosquito net consists of two aluminium frames that adapt to the width of the window. To place it, you will only have to fit it in the window guides by extending the frames until they are well adjusted. Then lower the blind until it’s above the screen. There you go: your cat will be able to get to the window safely and, by the way, your house will be free of flies and mosquitoes.

The MAURER cat flap screen has a height of 50 cm and a width of 75 to 142 cm. If you want to see it more closely, or want to buy it, you can do so through the following link.

If you have tilt and turn windows, don’t forget to install a cat guard

Tilt and turn windows are those that can be opened either laterally or in a tilting mode, i.e. by leaning slightly from top to bottom inwards, leaving them oblique. If you have this type of window in your house, you may think that opening it in swing mode will not put your cat in danger, but this is not the case, as if your cat tries to climb out of the window it could get caught in it at the back, which can be very dangerous.

When the back extremities are left unsupported, he cannot get out but he cannot get in either, and as he struggles to try, he will fit more and more into the window, something that can cause very serious damage to the internal organs, and even paraplegia. If this is your case, prevention is better than cure, so it is highly recommended that you install special tilt and turn window screens, which cover the gap left open.

Tilt & Turn window cat guard : Trixie

With this simple Trixie tilt and turn window security grille you can protect your cat from the danger that side windows can pose to him.

It is a grid made of light but resistant plastic, which is very stable. Its height is 62 cm, and its width ranges from 7 cm at the narrowest part to 16 cm at the widest, so it fits the vast majority of tilting windows without problem. It comes with brackets that are installed on the window frame, either with screws or by gluing them. Once the supports are in place, you can easily put the grille on and off whenever you want.

Trixie’s tilt and turn window cat guard is white. You can see it in more detail -and if you want to buy it- by clicking on the following link.

How to protect balconies and terraces to prevent your cat from falling

If you’re lucky enough to live in a flat with a balcony or terrace, your cat will love to spend hours in the sun, but if you don’t take the right precautions, it can be very dangerous for her, just like the windows.

Fortunately, we have several solutions on the market that will help you protect your balcony or terrace and prevent your cat from falling off. Let’s look at the options we have for “gatifying” these spaces.

Option 1: Install a cat safety net on the balcony or terrace

As with windows, cat nets are a very good option for securing a balcony or terrace so that your cat can enjoy the air and sun without danger of falling. If you are good at DIY, you can install it yourself without any problem.

However, when installing it, you must always be very careful not to leave any gaps where your pussy can get out, as we know that they get in through any gaps that remain: the balcony or terrace must be well closed all around, from the floor to the ceiling.

If you don’t have a roof to which you can attach the top of the net, you’ll have to put some kind of structure, either metal or wood, that allows you to create an enclosure, because otherwise your cat could climb up and jump (they are like that…).

If you decide on this solution, you can opt for the same transparent Focuspet cat protection net that I recommended in the section on window protection, as its size of 8 x 3 metres is suitable for covering the space of a balcony or terrace:

If you want to install it without drilling, you will need the fixing clips I also told you about above:

And, in case the balcony or terrace is small, you could even use the kit that includes the fixing clips and the 5 x 5 meters net:

Option 2: Install a metal grid to prevent the cat from falling from the terrace or balcony

Metal grids are a great option for protecting a balcony or terrace and making it a safe place for your cat. They have the advantage of being even more resilient than safety nets but, admittedly, they are far less discreet as they are more visible.

As with safety nets, if you are going to install a metal grille, you must ensure that your terrace or balcony is well closed, from the floor to the ceiling, and if you have no place to grab it from above, you must install a wooden or metal structure, which will allow you to create an enclosure. You should also make sure the holes in the fence are small enough that your cat can’t get out through them.

Metal grid to prevent the cat from falling from the balcony or terrace : Saturnia Papillon

If you decide to install a metal grille to prevent your cat from falling off your balcony or terrace, this Saturnia grille is an excellent option.

It is an electro-welded galvanized mesh and is made of wire coated with a layer of zinc that provides great resistance to corrosive effects. The grille is easy to handle and is ideal for protecting balconies and terraces.

On the other hand, it will resist perfectly to the most destructive cats, since in spite of being thin it is very robust, and in addition its holes measure only 13 x 13 mm, so it is impossible that your pussy can get out of them.

The metal grid to protect the balcony or terrace and prevent your Saturnia cat from falling is 150 cm high and 25 metres long. You can see it in more detail and buy it, if you wish, by clicking on the following link.

Don’t forget to also protect the bars on your balcony or terrace

As I said above, if you want your cat to be able to stay on the balcony or terrace in complete safety, you should install the protection you prefer by covering the entire space from floor to ceiling. If the railing is made of brick, for example, that space will already be protected, but if it is made of metal fences, unless they are so close together that your cat cannot fit in any way, you must take care to install the protection in that area as well.

If, for whatever reason, you find it difficult to get the safety net or metal grid you install to reach the floor, there are also meshes of different materials on the market that have been designed precisely for this purpose. If you decide to use this option, you would have to install two cat litter boxes: one for the handrail area, and another for the open area.

Safety net to prevent the cat from falling through the balcony grids : Catral

If you need to protect the holes in your balcony’s fences so that your cat is not in danger of going through them and falling, this safety net from Catral will come in handy. It is a semi-rigid mesh made of high density polyethylene. It’s lightweight, but strong, and very easy to cut to size, so you can easily install it on your balcony by holding it with flanges.

You can acquire this practical plastic mesh in rolls of 3, 5 and 25 meters. All of them are 1 meter high. It is also possible to choose the size of the mesh squares. You have models with 0.50 cm, 1 cm and 2 cm squares: any of them will serve to protect your cat from possible falls.

The safety net to prevent the cat from falling through the grids on Catral’s balcony is white and very discreet. To see all the available options – or buy it, if you like it – click on the link below.

Option 3: Prevent your cat from entering the balcony or terrace by installing a screen on the door

If you have a balcony or terrace but, for whatever reason, cannot install the necessary protection to make it safe for your cat, you always have the option of preventing him from leaving. To do this, you must protect the door instead, using a mosquito net.

Actually, for me, this should be your last option, and I would choose it only in case you cannot properly secure the space on the terrace or balcony, as it would be a real shame if you had to deprive your cat of the pleasure of sunbathing and air outside. There are times, however, when nothing else can be done, and, after all, your safety is the most important thing.

Insect screen to install on the door and prevent your cat from entering the balcony or terrace : Jarolift

If you want to prevent your cat from going out to your terrace, balcony or garden, but at the same time you want to be able to have the door open to let the air in, installing a sliding mosquito net like this one I propose can be a great solution, because in addition to the fact that your cat will not be able to go out, the mosquitoes will not be able to enter your house either.

This excellent mosquito net is made with a very stable aluminum frame and its fabric is a dense and resistant fiberglass fabric. It has a sliding opening and closing system, very safe and easy to handle. There are three mounting options for the screen: wall, door niche or door frame.

It will be necessary to screw it in. Please note that if you install the screen in the soffit or door frame you must leave a minimum distance of 30mm between the glass and the outer door frame for the screen handle. If that’s not possible, it’s best to install it on the wall.

The screen for the Jarolift balcony door is brown and measures 125 x 220 cm, although it is possible to shorten it, both in width and in height (however, in height it can be cut up to a maximum of 1 meter because if it goes beyond this measure the cassette where it is rolled up will not work). You can see it in more detail -and, if you like, buy it- through the following link.

Why do cats fall from windows, balconies or terraces?

Cats are incredibly agile and flexible animals; they are capable of jumping long distances and walking on a thin railing like someone walking on the sidewalk, with the elegance of a supermodel. According to the saying, cats have seven lives, and always (or it would be better to say almost always) fall on their feet.

All this is true, and that is why many people think it is safe to leave the windows open or to allow their cats to go out on the balcony or terrace. Big mistake: every year there are many, many cats that fall from great heights; so much so that veterinarians have a name for it: parachute cat syndrome, or flying cat syndrome, terms that refer to the many cats that go to the emergency vet for falls from more than 7 meters high (equivalent to about 2 floors); although these falls occur from various heights, sometimes much higher than two floors. Learn more about this syndrome.

Interestingly, contrary to what you might think at first, the cat is more likely to be injured if the fall is from a lower height. This is due to a peculiarity in the physical constitution of the felines: their spinal cord is flexible, which allows them to turn on themselves in the air while they are falling, with the front part of the spine turning in one direction and the back part in another, while their paws drive the movement in the air.

If the height they fall from is too low, they may not have time to turn around enough and fall into a bad position, possibly injuring themselves. You can see it in the following video:

Why do cats always land on their feet?

However, this does not mean that if a cat falls from a fifth floor, for example, nothing will happen to it: on the contrary, a fall from a great height can have very serious consequences, from head trauma to damage to the spine, chest or abdomen… something that can be further aggravated if they encounter obstacles along the way, such as clotheslines, pipes, etc., where they can hit themselves.

But… why do cats fall off windows or balconies? We must remember that, although our little cats are very agile and great tightrope walkers, they are also very curious and restless: seeing little birds flying around, a cat in the front window, etc., can make them forget a little about where they are and jump…

They can also fall asleep and make a move while they dream and fall. And if it’s a young, unspayed cat, male or female, its hormones can make it forget all precautions and it ends up falling apart.

Protecting windows should be a must for anyone who lives with cats

In the worst case, your cat will be seriously injured and may even die as a result of the fall. At best, he will only suffer minor injuries, he may not even get hurt, but still, when he suddenly finds himself in unfamiliar territory, he will most likely get scared and hide, and it will take days and days to find him – if at all.

A cat that is used to living at home is not prepared to survive in the street, and will be exposed to endless dangers: being hit by a car, being attacked by other cats, or by a dog, having something done to it by some heartless person… or simply ending up dying of hunger. Come on, he’s going to have a hard time and obviously so are you.

For all these reasons, it’s essential that you prepare your home, and make it safe for your cat. The investment and effort will be worthwhile. I assure you.

Example of an unsafe balcony/terrace for a cat. Never neglect its safety!

How to act if your cat falls from a window, balcony or terrace

If your cat falls from a window or balcony, you should act as quickly as possible. If you have seen it fall, it is essential that you remain calm and act in cold blood: if you have a rigid carrier, pick it up and go down immediately to the place where it fell.

What to do if we don’t find the cat when we get to the street

Keep in mind that when a cat is injured, its instinct drives it to find a safe place to hide. For this reason, you may not see him when you get to the street, because if he can move, he will have sought refuge. Look under the cars nearby, in the bushes, or anywhere he might be hiding.

If you don’t see him, it’s a good idea to wait until evening and then go out and look for him. In those moments there is less traffic and noise, everything is quieter and it will be easier for him to hear your voice if you call him, and to get out.

If you can’t find it, you should follow the usual steps to find a lost cat or dog: contact local veterinary clinics and animal associations or shelters, as well as the local police; put up posters with its picture and your phone number, etc. In these cases it will be very helpful if your cat has a chip or wears a collar with an identification tag.

If you find him, even if you don’t see any apparent injuries, put him in a carrier carefully and take him to the vet for a good examination, since sometimes the damage is internal and may not be visible to the naked eye.

What to do if the cat is still in the street but immobile or paralyzed

If you find your cat in the place where it fell, you have to be careful. Even if you don’t seem to see any damage, because there are no external wounds, you should put him very carefully into a rigid carrier and take him to the vet as soon as possible.

If you find him lying on his side, unconscious or not, act with extreme caution. If you can, call your vet to tell you what to do, but if you can’t, run your hands slowly and gently under your cat, with your back to the ground and your palms touching her body. Lift it up, making sure it does not move, and put it inside the carrier by opening the top cover.

In case you don’t have a rigid carrier, you can improvise a kind of stretcher with a towel, for example, although in this case you will need the help of another person.

In any case, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. If you can’t do it right away, because it’s a holiday or the veterinary clinic is closed, while you wait to go, leave it inside the carrier, in a place that is quiet; don’t handle it and don’t think about giving it water or food, because you don’t know the internal damage it could have and, besides, one of the most common injuries in this type of fall is the fracture of the palate, so if it drinks or eats, water or food could enter its airways.

The bottom line is that the best way to avoid the risk of your cat falling out of a window or balcony is always prevention. An oversight can happen to anyone at any time, and it’s easy to leave a window open without realizing the cat is in the room.

As you have seen throughout this article, there are ways to ventilate the house and allow your little cat to enjoy the air and sunshine safely, protecting windows, balconies and terraces to prevent our cat from falling. I hope I have helped you find the ideal solution for your cat and you!

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